•Our Lounge•

We are a lounge, not a night club. 

The atmosphere is relaxed and chill and we appreciate adult behavior.

•Our Hookahs•

We serve all glass LaVoo™ hookahs hand blown in the USA. The hookahs use long stemmed funnel bowls and we add an LED light to enhance your experience.

•Our Hoses•

We use silicone, wide bore Dream Hoses™ which do not retain any “ghost” flavor from previous smoking sessions. Also, we add freeze cartridges to the glass mouthpiece to cool and mellow your smoke. These can be removed upon request.

•Our Heat•

We use the Kaloud Lotus™ heat transfer system with coconut coals to ensure even heat distribution and protection against ash falling your shisha. This system allows heat to last 45 minutes to an hour before we need to change coals for you.


1141 N Van Ness, Fresno CA 93728

1141 N Van Ness, Fresno CA 93728